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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Three Rivers, Michigan

Get the beautiful smile you have always wanted with cosmetic dental procedures from Paul M. Blank, D.D.S. in Three Rivers, Michigan, that correct your teeth problems. We are one of the only Medicaid dental offices in this area offering teeth restoration.
Healthy teeth concept — Cosmetic Dentistry in Three Rivers,MI


Reshape, strengthen, and improve the appearance of your teeth with dental crowns. Also known as "tooth cap," it protects a weak tooth from decaying and breaking by holding together part of a fractured tooth. Crowns wrap and support a tooth with a large filling if there is not a sizeable amount of tooth present. They resemble and work just like the rest of your teeth.


Close the gaps between your missing teeth using artificial teeth (pontic) planted into the empty spaces. Dental bridges last a long time, but they can fall out due to infection that has affected the area beneath the bridge. Therefore, oral hygiene must be observed carefully.
Additionally, clients who undergo this procedure should regularly brush and floss their teeth because these cannot be removed. Achieving a natural looking and genuine smile is very much possible. A bridge is the best solution to expose your pearly whites with confidence once again!


Eliminate the humiliation of discolored and decaying teeth through fillings carried out in 2 simple steps. The first step is removing the decaying substance from the tooth, and then Dr. Blank applies the specific type of filling, clearly, to fill in the removed portion of the tooth. Save your decaying teeth before it's too late!
Types of Fillings:
  • Amalgam — Prepared with Mercury, Tin, Copper, Silver, and Alloys of Aluminum
  • Glass Ionomer — Prepared with Inorganic Fluoride, Organic Matrix, Oxygen Inhibitors, and Photo Initiators
  • Composite — Made from Inorganic Minerals
  • Ceramic or Porcelain — Made from Inorganic Minerals
  • Gold — Made from Alloys of Gold
  • Veneers
Dental tools and toothbrush — Cosmetic Dentistry in Three Rivers,MI
Transform your crooked, badly stained teeth into a brand new, straight, white smile that's seen on many Hollywood celebrities. Spaces or gaps (diastemas) between your teeth are easily closed using veneers to give you a more attractive smile.